• Woocommerce
  • Warehouse API Integration
  • Bespoke email solution
  • User friendly dashboard for shop managers
  • Two WooCommerce websites
  • Foundational SEO & Strategy advice
  • Warehouse Integration
  • Shipping integration and workflow

About Sticksology

Sticksology is an international company that operates across the world. Their unique tea products were designed to be delicious, healthy, convenient where you simply stir, sip and savour. They have various tea blends of the highest quality. Sticksology is also related to T-Sticks which operate in a different market. We were tasked at building their e-commerce websites, migrating them off Shopify and handling their email.

What We Delivered

We worked with Sticksology / T-Sticks to produce two bespoke Woocommerce websites that completely automate order fulfilment with the partner warehouse. This provided the customer with a much cheaper alternative compared to Shopify (their previous platform) while providing the same, if not more functionality. The websites were built in tandem and launched together.

Websites aside, we helped design an email solution that worked for the client, ensuring several benefits i.e. 1 inbox for multiple businesses, filtering system and technology to help prevent emails going into customers junk email. Additionally we worked hard on ensuring the websites were SEO friendly, high performing and secure.