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About SAH CoolShirt

Strategic Alliance Holdings Global, LLC (“SAH Global”), is a holding company founded in 2005 to manage highly specialized investment projects within a variety of sectors, including software development, communications, healthcare, energy and real estate. SAH Global has entered into a joint venture with Culture Systems in order to bring to you, SAH CoolShirt Systems. SAH CoolShirt Systems proudly offers the people of the Middle East the opportunity to own and operate the US based CoolShirt Systems’ technology in their region. SAH CoolShirt Systems is the perfect addition to your company’s employee tools. Our products have the ability to make work more bearable and maintain productivity and efficiency for a longer period of time.

What We Delivered

We delivered a Woocommerce website that handles payment and shipping of the very popular and niche SAH Cool Shirt product range. The website was built on WordPress with the backend being customised to make life easy for shop managers. Automation was implemented where possible i.e. product fulfilment and a warehouse integration.